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Since its birth in 1998, MANIVA SpA has enjoyed a rapid evolution from a small local business to a Group of national importance. The respect towards the mountain that gave life to the brand has remained constant, a value choice MANIVA thinks makes it responsible in relation to the high quality standards for its own water, all coming from mountain springs: clean and light, especially recommended for feeding newborns.



The MANIVA SpA group consolidated its presence in the sector of mineral waters with the labels MANIVA, VERNA, BALDA, VAIA, and also MANIVA DRINKS and MANIVA TEA for beverages.
In these years, it consolidated commercial relations with the main Italian distribution channels, through a constant presence in the Great Distribution and in Ho.re.ca., in Vending and in the door-to-door service.
MANIVA SpA bottles also private label for a few important distribution groups (such as Bennet and Consorzio Adat). Not only water: MANIVA SpA operates even in the sector of non-alcoholic effervescent drinks based on mineral water, produced at a warehouse in Chiusi della Verna (Arezzo province) and recently entered the ice tea market with the new MANIVA TEA, based on Alpine water and mountain plants.
In relation to the connotation, the Group’s mineral waters, in terms of the market’s competitive offering, represent quality and taste: all the mountain origin oligominerals, streaming in protected areas, environmentally protected and not polluted – the Brescia peak at the border with Adamello Natural Park and the natural oasis of the Casentino forests; clean and light, they are recognized waters for the feedings of infants.


With a management body of 60 employees spread out among two manufacturing factories in Bagolino (Brescia province) and Chiusi della Verna (ground water channels), MANIVA SpA is a solid company that is developing fast, despite the great competition in this area.
In the significantly divided mineral water market, the Group is already noticeable among the reference companies in the sector, with a national market share and brands that have their own force and are recognized by consumers.
If the geographic position of the two factories allows a distributive presence mainly in Northern and Central Italy, the special organoleptic composition of the Group’s water, more and more recognized and liked even in the South, makes its presence higher also in this geographic area.
The company is also pursuing a progressive expansion of foreign distribution, starting from Europe, but also thinking about other continents.



How do we transform a small local business into a brand of national importance?
The success of the MANIVA Group is the result of modern entrepreneurial choices, sometimes bold, resulting in perspective, passion and tenacity.
In 1998, when in Bagolino (Brescia province, on the foot of Mount Maniva) the Foglio family built the Dosso Alto SpA factory, which is now MANIVA SpA. A step that has the taste of a challenge: creating a water bottling factory in a mountain village, away from the traffic-filled streets may seem like a hazardous choice. It is actually a huge entrepreneurial intuition.
The production started in January the same year, when the oligomineral water MANIVA, which streams from the mountain of the same name and has always been known for its organoleptic properties, was bottled for the first time. The factory was modern and functional, and shortly it increased the number of bottles produced each year, until reaching the present 140 million units, with a turnover that now is around 16 million euro.
In the three successive years from the start, parallel to the development of the production, Dosso Alto SpA increased and specialized the distribution system, thanks also to the 2011 purchase of the BALDA brand, historical label on the market of glass bottle mineral waters for restaurants and bottled since 1964. In this manner, the group was able to increase its own product offering in order to satisfy the different national commercial channels, simultaneously assigning to the VAIA label its own presence on the foreign market in Northern Europe, increasing afterwards the distribution on the market of convenient products in Northern Italy.
After doubling the production structure and the surface covered by the factory in Bagolino, the Dosso Alto Group increased its own entrepreneurial horizons in 2003: the fundamental stage will be the purchase of the SORGENTE VERNA Srl factory in Chiusi della Verna, in the natural oasis of the Castensano forests in the province of Arezzo. The factory, open since 1975, has been completely modernized and the water, famous for its therapeutic properties already mentioned in a document in 1666, is bottled and sold with the VERNA label. With this new production site, the Group can successfully appear in the sector of effervescent drinks based on mineral water: the AQUIDEA DI VERNA brand, which later became MANIVA DRINKS, with an offering of 9 bottled drinks with the classic flavors and was quickly welcomed by the local consumers.
In 2006, the water of MANIVA and VERNA obtained the recognition of the Ministry of Health as ideal waters for the feeding of infants. In 2009, now already as an Industrial Group, Dosso Alto SpA increased its own operational staff, reaching up to 60 employees.
In the summer of 2009, an important step came in the communication of the brand: Dosso Alto SpA gave way to MANIVA SpA. The choice to transform the name of the Mountain to a national brand that reunites the different social realities creating the Group is introduced during an industrial path with a constant evolution, which saw the Company converting in a few years from a small local business to a brand of national importance.


The MANIVA Group’s main factory in Valle del Caffaro at the border of the Adamello Natural Park is located in the wonderful landscape of the Brescia peak of the Rhaetian Alps. The main source, streaming from Mount Maniva, ensures the extraordinary lightness and absolute purity of this water, where organoleptic properties have been famous since ancient times. It is bottled under the labels MANIVA, BALDA and VAIA in bottle and Pet.
Chiusi della Verna
Being part of the MANIVA Group since 2003, it streams in the Arezzo province, inside the natural oasis protected by the Casentino Forests. The VERNA mineral water bottled in this factory has an ancient history; actually, in 1666, Count Ubertini appreciated its therapeutic qualities. VERNA mineral water is produced only in bottles and PET, while the MANIVA DRINKS are only in glass bottles.


The personal brand of the group, on the Classic PET line, completely modernized, retains on the label the famous “Maniva hug sign” between mother and child and establishes its Alpine origin, but it especially highlights its special 8,0 pH value, which makes it ideal in alkaline diets and for a healthy diet that helps our body’s metabolism. A complete line, which has a natural place in domestic consumption, but also from restaurants to leisure, in different formats, in bottles and Pet. To this, we add the blue bottled Chef line, exclusive for high class restaurants.
BALDA oligomineral water streams from an unpolluted Alpine source at the borders of the Adamello Park; light and with low sodium content, it is also ideal to be enjoyed in the city. Brand born in 1964, BALDA is the ideal water for any occasion: a complete line of Classic Pet for the whole family, to which we add the famous bottle and Pet version for restaurants.
From the Verna Mountain, in the unpolluted forests of Casentino, in the province of Arezzo, streams the VERNA mineral waters, clean and light, ideal also for the young ones. Often the good things are the ones at hand, as the advertisement says “Verna, the light water in your home.” The Verna line reminds us of its Tuscan origin on the elegant Renaissance style labels, in bottle and Pet.
The VAIA label is assigned to the presence of the MANIVA Group especially for the Northern European market, and also for the market of convenient (but quality) products in Northern Italy.
A new drink idea with Verna mineral water with a lot of personality for the ones that look for flavor combined with an effervescent pleasure. A complete range of 9 flavors, manufactured in elegant bottles, with fun colourful labels and 1960’s graphics.
This range expansion began from the original idea to propose an iced tea to the market made with mountain mineral water, natural ingredients and a light infusion of mountain plants (juniper, elder and lemon balm), giving a fresh and cool taste to the MANIVA TEA.


The communication of MANIVA mineral water, which was always related to the world of children (and the idea that, if it is good for you at the youngest of ages, it would still be good for you into adulthood) addressed the next step: expressing the concept of wellness and honesty of a water coming from the heart of Mount Maniva, with the proper substances necessary for the wellness of our body.
The communication strategy, on which the campaign is based, was born with the objective to reposition and consolidate the brand image of the product, by using a strong and central element (more precisely, Mount Maniva) and a pay-off (“Alpine mineral water as designation of origin”) which means identity, quality, and uniqueness.
Moreover, research related to the consumer group highlighted different value elements of the brand: strong territorial identity (the name of the water is the same as the name of the mountain from which it streams), correct lightness (the water contains the correct balance of mineral salts and oligoelements that make it suitable for infant feeding), and origin ( a pure water, due to the fact it appears in an unpolluted environment, in the heart of the Rhaetian Alps). These elements that have a strong connotation for the brand are visibly translated in the image of Mount Maniva (identity). It has a strong graphic element, very well-evidenced by the use of white and blue, which is the background of the product’s packshot. The pale colors reference the simple and direct language on which the “water” concept is based on (honesty, quality, lightness). The graphic signs lead to the morphology of the mountain, the level curves, the topographic map (origin). The Maniva institutional campaign appears as a communication instrument for focusing on the repositioning of Maniva: a path starting from the child and extending to the family target, by representing the uniqueness of Maniva mineral water.
The final evolution in the MANIVA communication considered a fundamental fact for a mineral water, the pH, which has a considerable alkaline value for MANIVA (pH=8), and makes the MANIVA mineral water ideal for modern alkaline diets. Nowadays, internationally, it sent the message that to eat or drink alkaline food helps maintain our body’s natural pH and supports our daily wellness.
A natural consolidation of this communication strategy – starting with changing the group’s name and subsequently passing through the new logo, the institutional campaign and the innovation of the image – is represented by the Maniva 2.0 initiative, with which MANIVA and its mountain territory are open to the world of social networks. Mount Maniva, with its own oligomineral spring, landscapes, community, history and activities in the territory, are connected to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Instagram through the website www.maniva.it.
In this manner, the group confirms its own inclination to innovative choices, proposing a new capitalization style for the territory of origin, though evolved communication instruments. At the same time, this project becomes a way to talk about water with the help of its territory or vice versa: in this manner, the important concept of the brand’s value, based on the origin, is resumed and consolidated. The community born around the www.maniva.it website is moderated by MANIVA SpA with the sponsorship of the Commune of Bagolino and the Mountain Community of Valle Sabbia.


MANIVA SpA, from the beginning, has always believed and invested in the world of sports through the sponsorships and the support actions of teams/demonstrations at the national as well as peripheral levels.
Especially in the world of football (soccer), it sponsored such teams as Milan, Torino, Fiorentina, Siena, Verona, Chievo, Udinese, Parma, Brescia, Catania, Crotone, Mantova, Lecce and Trento. In cycling, the Maniva water was the official water of the Tour of Italy, as well as at a few amateur Gran Fondo events, and a sponsor for the professional team Caldirola. In volleyball, the main sponsorships were for the women’s Verona Volley team and Taranto Volley and for the Basket Brescia basketball team.
In the world of foot races, the presence of Maniva was always significant: starting with marathons (for example: Brescia, Verona, Arezzo, Lago di Garda…), to rural races (for example: 5 Mori), to races in the mountains and eventually in non-competitive races. The company firmly believes that its mineral waters, due to their light balance of salts, alkaline pH and pleasant taste, can be a refreshing for athletes.
At the same time, it is aware that the promotional instrument which the sports world can bring to the product, is a highly efficient vehicle properly adapted to the company’s philosophy, which wants to be dynamic and enthusiast, as well as the practiced sport.


Over the years, MANIVA was a promoter of a few eco-environment choices, which is especially significant in view of respecting the delicate balance of the environment in which its production site appears at the periphery of Adamello Park and in the Natural Oasis of the Casentino Forests.
granting a safe and transparent system for waste water treatment plants of the various production cycles, mainly those resulting from washing glass bottles and crates;
exclusive employment of electric elevators without emissions;
exclusive use of recycled plastic boxes for reusable glass;
renewal of the whole range of Pet bottles with an average weight reduction of 25%: a smaller environmental impact, with the same inalterability features of the bottles, and the same integrity of the product;
the recovery of the whole plastic material coming from the productive cycle and, more generally, the rigorous application of the regulations related to the separation and disposal of waste;
contribution to protecting the territory due to a close relation with the local administrations; see, for example, the collaboration with city of Bagnolino in order to capitalize on the resources and beauty of the Caffaro Valley, even through the synergic action for the development of the Maniva 2.0 project, thanks to which the company’s website becomes a virtual location of information, knowledge and capitalization of the territory and of the Mountain, of its community, of its rich resources, such as water and its protected nature, of its tourism and of its culture.


Negli ultimi tempi MANIVA SpA ha consolidato la sua crescita, nonostante un settore sostanzialmente saturo e un mercato che, nell’ultimo biennio, ha fortemente risentito dell’andamento negativo della congiuntura economica. Il Gruppo MANIVA SpA, invece, mantiene con un fatturato di 16 milioni di euro, con 140 milioni di bottiglie vendute.
Un successo, questo, legato a diversi fattori: corrette strategie produttive e di sviluppo fin dalla fondazione del Gruppo, nel 1998; rapporto leale e trasparente con il consumatore; forte identità territoriale delle sue acque (tutte provenienti da aree protette ed incontaminate); conseguente qualità riconosciuta dei suoi prodotti.
In these last few years, MANIVA SpA has consolidated its development, even if we are talking about a sector that is mostly saturated and about a market which lately strongly felt the negative evolution of the economy. But the MANIVA SpA Group maintains its position with a turnover of 16 million euro, with 140 million bottles sold.
This is a success, related to different factors: correct strategies for production and development since the creation of the Group in 1998; loyal and transparent relations with the consumer; a strong territorial identity of its waters (all coming from protected and unpolluted areas); a quality that is recognized for all its products.
With a national market share above 1% – and thanks to the brands that have their own force of recognition from the consumers – the Group is now among the reference companies in the sector of mineral waters.
The VERNA brand, mainly distributed in the Nielsen 3 area, has grown steadily in recent years, thanks also to the agreement with a Tuscan wholesaler Consortium, for producing a brand water, and due to strong advertising support in the main local media points: in the regions of Central Italy, the VERNA mineral water exceeded the 2% quote.


Turnover: 16 million euro;
Sale (in volumes): 140 million bottles per year;
Distribution channels: GDO, Ho.Re.Ca., Door to Door, Vending, Export
Export incidence: 5%
The most sold product: Maniva water in 50 cl PET bottle.


The quality of the water: light mineral water (mountain oligominerals, with low fixed residues, alkaline pH, ideal for the family and in the food preparations and feedings of infants).
Communicative quality and packaging efficiency.
Flexibility and speed of service.
Multiple choices for the range and offerings.
Ability to adapt to the market requirements.

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