Water is the fuel
of our body!


To mesh, it is necessary to replenish the organism with the right mixture! For this, it is very important to hydrate properly. But how to do it and how often?

Natural mineral water: what is it?
"Natural mineral water" is water that comes from deep, protected and uncontaminated veins, bacteriologically pure and free of pollutants at the source. It has particular organoleptic characteristics and is not subjected to any subsequent alteration during bottling: Maniva is all this, containing unique alkalinity and balance right from the source.
How much water should you drink?
Water is an essential component for the life of human beings: for this reason, our body needs a constant quantity of liquids, balanced through a continuous exchange between assimilated and released substances. The right amount of water to drink varies depending on age, physical condition and climatic situation, normally settling around 1200-2000 ml per day (about 6-10 glasses of water).
Thirst: an alarm bell not to be underestimated!
Healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, already contain a significant amount of water for our daily needs, to which water intake contributes decisively. In the event our water-salt balance is in difficulty and our body is becoming dehydrated, the stimulus of thirst occurs. However, it is very important to hydrate properly without waiting for the symptoms, especially in the case of the elderly or in situations of particular exertion and physical stress, which lead to increased sweating.
Water, an ally of movement
Getting properly hydrated is very important for anyone who practices physical activity: it helps to maintain good shape, achieve good performances and prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. The recommended water consumption for physical activity of about one hour is between 400 and 600 ml.
Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day helps to stimulate the metabolism and keep it active.
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