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What is pH?


Knowing the pH of a solution or a food, and therefore knowing how to distinguish between acid, neutral or alkaline environment, is very important to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

PH values
The pH can have a value between 0 and 14; this can, therefore, define the specific condition of a specific aqueous solution.
From 0 to 7 we find ourselves in acidic environment;
from 7 to 14 in an alkaline (or basic) environment;
when the pH is 7 we are in a neutral situation.
How to measure the pH
Some substances have the characteristic of being able to change colour depending on whether they are in contact with an acid or alkaline environment: these are the so-called "pH indicators". To obtain a specific measurement, we can immerse some special tabs, such as litmus paper, in these substances.
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Each water has its own pH!
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