Fonte Alpina | Acqua Maniva pH8 - Scegli di stare bene!

From the heart of Mount Maniva
comes the alkaline pH8 mineral water

In the centre of the Rhaetian Alps, just a short distance from the medieval village of Bagolino, stands a mountain that conceals a valuable resource: Maniva mineral water.
The secret of Mount Maniva
Given its particular hydrogeological conformation, Mount Maniva gives the water not only its name but also a series of unique properties: alkalinity, purity and lightness.
Mount Maniva and its wonders
Mount Maniva has ancient origins and unique geological features that give life to a real natural paradise.
The wellness of Mount Maniva
Mount Maniva, with its trails suitable for all ages and the natural beauty of its slopes, is the ideal place to dedicate yourself to numerous sports activities in the pursuit of wellness, from climbing to mountain biking.
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