The wellness of
Mount Maniva


Thanks to the richness of its aquifers, nature is expressed in all its luxuriance on Mount Maniva, becoming the ideal place to spend your free time in the pursuit of wellness.

A forest that breathes: in the woods of Mount Maniva
The uncontaminated landscape that embraces Mount Maniva extends throughout the area surrounding the summit, amidst enchanting mountain pastures, large grassy expanses and pretty woods, the "living" part of an ecosystem that is still perfectly preserved today. Paths able to tell the story of a territory, from the Great War to the Resistance, retracing the tracks and allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a world that has not yet been lost.
Have fun skiing on Mount Maniva and its surroundings
Set between the views of the Rhaetian Alps, in winter Mount Maniva is also a paradise for those who love to move in any way, from snowshoes to all types of skiing. A valuable period when the mountain enriches its aquifers.
Pedalling and climbing between gorges and valleys
Mount Maniva offers more than 80km of trails that can be easily travelled by mountain bike, and also suitable for the most passionate and demanding cyclists. In the same way, lovers of rock climbing and climbing can find their own dimension along the numerous routes in the territory, with degrees of difficulty ranging from IV to VIII.
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