Metabolism and buffer systems


Our body has two important allies and defence systems: metabolism and buffer systems. Keeping ourselves fit and taking alkaline food and water helps us make sure that both work properly.

Metabolism: a source of very precious balance
It is the series of processes through which our body is able to use what it ingests to satisfy its vital needs. The balance between acids and alkalis is essential for the normal development of our metabolism, which develops in a slightly alkaline environment, in a range between pH 7.35 and 7.45. When this balance is altered, a degree of metabolic alkalosis or acidosis can develop.
In contemporary society we are particularly exposed to metabolic acidosis that is often caused by poor eating habits (little fruit and vegetables, excess meat and cheese), alcohol and smoking, sedentary life, physical and mental stress, taking medication and an unbalanced intestinal flora.
Buffer systems: let’s help our body to defend itself!
The body has several "buffer systems" that allow counteracting metabolic acidosis, but in some cases (the excessive production of acids, advanced age, hormonal changes in a woman in menopause) make it work with less efficiency. For this reason an body emergency system intervenes by taking mineral salts from the bones, and restoring the correct acid-alkali balance.
This procedure, however, weakens the bone, so over time it increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture: for this reason, we have to help the body to restore the pH balance value.
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