Mount Maniva
and its wonders


A magic and timeless place with an extraordinary geological setting; a pure territory where Nature reigns since millions of years.

Anatomy of
a mountain
The territory surrounding Mount Maniva is extremely important from a geological point of view, as shown by the important Romanterra site: in fact, in this area there are many types of rocks of extremely different age and characteristics. The most interesting (and ancient) is undoubtedly the Cristallino Basement, dating back to about 360 million years ago and of metamorphic origin, that has been transformed over time due to climatic and sediment changes. All these changes have given the Maniva spring a unique shape and characteristics.
Alpine fishing
in Lake Vaia
Ezio Melzani welcomes us at 2000 meters in the spectacular scenery of Lake Vaia, a few kilometres from the Maniva pass, ideal for alpine trout fishing or for a day of camping with friends.
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