il segreto del monte maniva - Maniva

The secret of Mount Maniva


A special spring that water flows from with an excellent mineral balance and naturally alkaline pH; it is here, inside Monte Maniva, that our most precious treasure is found.

Enclosed between earth and sky, Mount Maniva hides within itself a source with unique characteristics
Mount Maniva, 1860m high, is a particular hydrogeological system able to convey large amounts of water inside it and return them to the surface. Its wealth of springs has led peoples to settle there over the centuries, making it a living mountain from ancient times until today.
The origin, the source, the bottling
From the origin of the Maniva Alpine Spring, intercepted through a tunnel in the granite mountain base, Michele Foglio, Maniva MD, reveals the path that made it possible to channel water without it ever being in contact with the air, and then bring it up for bottling at the Bagolino factory 1 km away.
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