The territory of
Mount Maniva


We want to offer everyone the unique experience of our best things: from the refined pleasure of Bagoss cheese to the magic of our Bagolino carnival, from the clean beauty of our landscapes to the freshness of our beloved alkaline mineral water.

A medieval village full of history
Bagossi is the name of the inhabitants of Bagolino, a town of the upper Brescia district in the Caffaro valley. One of these is the historian Luca Ferremi who guides us in the discovery of the village. An alpine community whose territory is rich in history (due to its particular strategic position), of famed local products and tourist attractions.
Ancient traditions continue to live
The Bagolino Carnival is a rare and precious Italian folkloric moment. Preserved as such since 1500 by virtue of the isolated position of the village and the passion of its inhabitants, which has been handed down from generation to generation, it has gained increasing notoriety, attracting the attention of ethnological scholars. The festival is divided into two distinct events, animated respectively by the elegant figures of the Balarì (dancers and players) and the grotesque figures of the Maschér (masks).
An ancient crossroads
Recounted by its protagonists, the Maniva pass is today a crossroads of past and future, nature and history, tourism and tradition. An itinerary for cycling tourism, a well-served ski area and a compulsory passage to reach the summer pastures
Excellence on the table
Primo Stagnoli is the cheese maker who shows us the summer production of Bagòss, the Bagolino cheese, at the Bruffione alpine hut. He uses wood fire and raw cow's milk, following an ancient tradition. Bagòss ages for an average of 24 months and becomes an extraordinary table cheese.
A reference point for world geology
In the modern international geological scale every limit between the subdivisions of the different periods must be defined with a single global reference point called GSSP (Global Stratigraphic Section and Point) or briefly "golden spike". The historian Luca Ferremi guides us to discover the geological site of Romanterra near Mount Maniva, which in 2005 was chosen as a reference point for the boundary between the Anisico and Ladinico plans.
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