La nostra azienda, nel cuore di Bagolino - Maniva

Our company,
in the heart of Bagolino


Since 1998, thanks to a rapid and constant evolution, from a small local business MANIVA S.p.A. has become a national group. Respect for the mountain that gave the brand life has remained constant, a choice of values with which MANIVA guarantees the respect of the high quality standards of its pure and light water.

About us.
The current MANIVA SpA was founded in 1998 in Bagolino with the original name of Dosso Alto SpA. The hinterland of Brescia and the mountain context of the Rhaetian Alps are the setting for the first steps of the company, created to bring to Italian tables the mineral waters that flow from the heart of Mount Maniva. The love for genuine things that distinguishes the mountain populations has made the company a unique example of integration between industrial production and traditional culture, with the utmost respect for the environment and nature.
Maniva today.
With a staff of 60 employees located in the two production plants in Bagolino (province of Brescia) and Chiusi della Verna (inland Arezzo), MANIVA SpA is a solid and rapidly growing company. With brands appreciated by consumers, it has gradually widened its presence to all Italian regions.
The company is also pursuing a progressive expansion of distribution abroad, mainly in Europe and Eastern countries.
The Maniva SpA.
The MANIVA SpA Group has consolidated its presence in the mineral water sector with the labels MANIVA, VERNA, BALDA amd VAIA. The group distributes mineral water in all distribution channels and in all regions. Not only water: MANIVA SpA also operates in the mineral water soft drinks sector, and recently entered the cold tea market with the new THE MANIVA, made from alpine water and mountain herbs. The Group’s mineral waters are characterised, in the competitive offer of the market, by the unique qualities and organoleptic properties: all oligominerals of mountain origin that gush out in places that are environmentally protected and uncontaminated – the Brescia side of the Adamello Natural Park and the natural oasis of the Casentinesi Forests.

History and evolution.
It was 1998 when the Foglio family founded the Dosso Alto SpA plant in Bagolino, today MANIVA SpA. A step that seemed like a challenge: to open a water bottling plant in a mountain village far from the main communications routes can sound like a risky choice. Instead, it was revealed as the right intuition.
The plant is modern and functional and, in a short time, increased the number of bottles produced annually up to the current 160 million.
In the three years following the start-up, in parallel with the development of production, Dosso Alto SpA expanded its mineral water range with the BALDA water, a historic label in the glass bottle mineral water market dedicated to catering. In this way, the Group could better satisfy consumers and the various commercial channels, while it assigned the VAIA label the role of brand in the quality/convenience market segment.
In 2003 the Dosso Alto Group further expanded its
business horizons: a key step was the takeover of the SORGENTE VERNA Srl plant in Chiusi della Verna, in the natural oasis of the Casentino forests in the province of Arezzo. The plant, active since 1975, was completely renovated and the water, renowned for its therapeutic properties and already mentioned in a document dating back to 1666, is bottled and marketed with the VERNA label.
With this new production scenario, the Group successfully entered in the mineral water-based beverages sector with MANIVA BIBITE.
In 2006 the MANIVA and VERNA waters were recognized by the Ministry of Health as suitable for feeding new-borns.
In the summer of 2009 there was an important turning point with Dosso Alto SpA which became MANIVA SpA. The choice of making the mountain’s name the company's brand name, is part of a constantly evolving industrial path, recognising that we can grow only if we are in harmony with nature.
The bottle plants.
The main plant of the MANIVA Group in the Caffaro Valley, on the edge of the Adamello Natural Park, is nestled in the splendid scenery of the Brescia side of the Rhaetian Alps. It stands on the slopes of Mount Maniva from which the bottled MANIVA, BALDA and VAIA waters spring, and it guarantees the millenary purity.
Chiusi della Verna
Joined the MANIVA Group in 2003, it is located in the province of Arezzo, within the protected natural oasis of the Casentinesi Forests. The VERNA mineral water that is bottled in this plant boasts an ancient history; in fact, already in 1666 Count Ubertini appreciated its therapeutic qualities.
The Maniva group and the environment, a tangible commitment.
Over the years, MANIVA has promoted some particularly significant eco-environmental choices, with a view to respecting the delicate balance of the context in which its production sites are located.

- Transport, using safe and transparent procedures, of the waste water from the various production cycles to treatment plants.

- Exclusive use of zero emission electric forklifts.

- Exclusive use of recycled plastic cases for returnable glass bottles.

- Renewal of the entire range of Pet bottles with an average weight reduction of 25% while maintaining the same integrity of the product.

- Recovery of all the plastic material derived from the production cycle.

- Contribution to the protection of the territory thanks to a close relationship with local authorities.

These include the collaboration with the Bagolino Municipality for the enhancement of the resources and beauty of the Caffaro Valley. Significant is the production of a web project where Maniva manages the MOUNT MANIVA social page which becomes a virtual place for information, knowledge and enhancement of the territory, the Mount, its community, its wealth of resources and its culture.

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