Alkaline water


Each water has a series of characteristics and qualities that distinguish it from the others: just read the bottle label to realize the importance of the individual values and parameters, such as the pH.

The importance of recognizing alkaline water
The mineral waters all have their own pH that differentiates them from each other! And among the many Italian waters that are on the market, there are very few that have a markedly alkaline value.
Think about it, water is the food that our body needs most and plays an essential role for health. It is therefore no coincidence that during our life we drink a quantity of water equal to about six hundred times our body weight, but we do not always pay the right attention to the quality of the water we drink.
It is known that the waters are not all the same, in particular the minerals; they differ mainly due to the content and type of dissolved salts. The fixed residue is the parameter best known to consumers, but on the label there are a lot of other data that play an important role in biological effects, such as pH.
The words of Dr. Zanasi
National President of the Association "Water Resource", Member of the "International Water Academy" of Oslo and Director of the National Museum of Mineral Water. Among his publications: "Bottled mineral water to know them better", "Reasoned use of mineral waters" and "Guide to Italian bottled mineral water".
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