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Size 0,66 L

The first mineral water in a bottle suitable for athletes. Easy to carry with you at all times, perfect for the bicycle bottle cage and with an easy-to-use opening. Maniva ph8 Sport is made with 50% recycled PET*. Recycle it again!

Also available in packs of 6 bottles
Size 0,66 L

Hydrating during any physical activity is very important!

Thanks to the benefits of alkaline mineral water and its practical design, pH8SPORT meets the needs of all athletes. The product is specially designed for the hydration of all those who care about physical fitness and well-being: Maniva pH8 SPORT, a 66 cl bottle with an easy-to-open sport cap is easy to carry with you, perfect for the bottle cage of your bicycle and i ideal for the bag of any sports person; moreover, it’s easy to use, thanks to the practical cap that can be closed with one hand.

Drinking naturally alkaline water with a balanced mineral content, such as Maniva pH8, is particularly important for those who take part in sports: in fact, physical activity produces a high quantity of hydrogen ions (freed from lactic acid), which tend to lower the pH; normally, they are buffered by the presence of bicarbonate-carbonic acid but they can’t limit the onset of fatigue and exhaustion after a prolonged effort.


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