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Netiquette is a list of behavioral rules useful for correct and serene Web browsing. Below, you will find the Netiquette Maniva based on the guidelines approved by the Italian Registration Authority.


To understand the meaning of the interventions, and participate coherently in conversations, we recommend that you read the messages and comments already posted before sending your contributions.

Send concise and clear messages.

Do not stray from the topic under discussion.

When you reply to a conversation or a comment, highlight or report the most important passages of the original message to allow those who have not read the initial post to follow the conversation.

If you have a personal dispute with another user, do not manage it through messages and counter-messages. Instead, choose a private conversation.

Do not post messages with vulgar content and do not take a position among the contenders in a discussion.

Never publish the content of private messages without the explicit permission of the author.

Do not send advertising content or communications via private message that have not been explicitly asked for.

Don’t be intolerant of those who make misspelling or grammatical errors.

Do not use vulgar, aggressive, provocative or discriminatory language and do not post offensive, obscene material and any content that violates state law.

If you publish content that does not comply with this regulation and all other unwritten rules of good manners and respect for others, Maniva S.p.A. reserves the right to remove such content and to block your account on its social channels.