Sport-friendly alkaline
mineral water

Hydration during physical activity is extremely important! Thanks to the benefits of alkaline mineral water and the practical design, pH8SPORT meets the needs of anyone doing sport.

The first water bottle suitable for all sports
A product specifically designed to hydrate all those who care about their physical well-being: Maniva pH8 SPORT, an easy-to-carry 66 cl bottle with an easy sport cap, perfect for a bike bottle holder and ideal for any sports bag, and easy to use thanks to the practical nozzle that can be closed with one hand. Be sure to always stay healthy on the go by stocking up with the practical 6-bottle pack!
pH and Sport
The intake of naturally alkaline water with balanced minerals, like Maniva pH8, is particularly important for those who practice sports: in fact, physical activity produces a high quantity of hydrogen ions (released by lactic acid), which tend to lower the pH; normally these are buffered by the presence of bicarbonate-carbonic acid, but this not limit the onset of fatigue and exhaustion after prolonged activity.
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