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Coripet is a voluntary consortium acknowledged by the Ministry of the Environment.
Coripet is a voluntary consortium, recognized by the Ministry of the Environment, between producers, converters and recyclers of PET bottles.
The Maniva Group is a founding member of the Coripet Consortium as the environmental protection is one of the founding values that guide every choice of the Group, which is committed to the implementation and promotion of a circular economy, whereby the more we recycle, the less plastic is produced in a constant search for sustainable production solutions.
Coripet’s challenge is to collect and recycle the PET bottles placed in the market by the associated manufacturing companies.
Lightweight and impact resistant, naturally transparent and colorless, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is the plastic material used in the food industry to bottle water, oil, milk, juices and other beverages.
The PET bottle was chosen for food packaging because it provides an excellent barrier, preserves the characteristics of the liquid it contains and it’s hygienic and safe.
Unlike packaging made through the union of several plastics or other materials, the PET bottle represents an ecological choice: made solely of PET plastic, it is easily recyclable, through a mechanical process.
Coripet’s mission consists of directly managing the end of life of PET bottles and water cooler’s tanks placed in the market by its members, making them part of a circular economy model.

The objectives of the Coripet consortium are:

  • to increase the levels of collection and recycling of PET bottles, approaching the world of production, consumption and recycling in an innovative way;
  •  to create the Italian “bottle to bottle” supply chain by producing rPET suitable for direct food contact;
  • to provide its members with all the knowledge and tools to properly align with the recent European legislation on the use of plastics.
February 14, 2022